What is HealthHack?

Imperial College London is a leading university with world-class engineering and medicine departments. The IC HealthHack is a competition which brings together a community of students to work on ideas that require interdisciplinary excellence. We are focused on the development of serious games, software tools and wearables for the public health sector taking advantage of biomedical technologies. The mix of bioengineering, coding skills and domain-specific medical knowledge is why you should be excited about this event. You will also get to meet all the amazing researchers and developers who will be there to provide each team with genuine support and ideas because you will work on the causes they care about.


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Hack to improve people’s health

Best use of NHS data for crisis response

Hardware category

A wearable device that aims to monitor human health and provides feedback on their condition
- Posture measuring (inertial measurement unit (IMU), flex sensors)
- Parkinson's tremor measurement (IMU, photoelectric sensors)
- Heart rate monitor (photoelectric sensors)
- Body temperature (Temperature sensor)
How the data is presented to the user will also be judged
- Bluetooth transceiver to send to your phone
- Website
- Display on LCD screens

Ideation category

Create mock-ups
Teams will create prototypes that would have future potential
Design, plans, strategies etc.
- An app to check your skin for moles.
- Ideation: Recognise one specific mole
- Could be potentially implemented in the future with Machine Learning

The final product needs provide at least some basic functionalities
The idea needs to be realistic and feasible with current technology
In your final demos, we want you to tell us how this product would be potentially implemented and completed.

Gaming category

A serious game that aims to reduce public misinformation about coronavirus

Devpost Achievements

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Judging Criteria

  • Inspire, Share, Deliver

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